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Ishigaki Island Beach Photo Plan

Photos on a beautiful beach in Ishigaki Island. Bring your own attire! Depending on the weather, we could reschedule your photo shoot.

¥69,800 (+tax)

Service that is included in the plan

Basic information

Location Sukuji Beach
Contingency plan The time and location of the shooting will be changed.
Time 9:00(if you order makeup)
11:10(if you don’t order makeup)
Travel time (One way) 30min
Total duration 2.5h
Number of candidates a couple
Additional charge (6 years and over / per person) ¥7,000

Basic Package

Photos 50 photos


(excluding tax)

Makeup for Bride

Please bring the sample picture of the style if possible.

¥ 25,000

Makeup for Groom

To make you look your prime.

¥ 12,000

Wedding dress rental

You choose and fitting a dress your right size at the salon on the shooting day.

¥ 42,000

Tuxedo rental

Let us know your size in advance.(Please bring your shirt. )

¥ 22,000

Additional 30 photos

variety of photos.

¥ 18,000

Additional 50 photos

variety of photos.

¥ 30,000

Album pages:12

Keepsake album (Residents of Japan only)

¥ 69,000

Album pages:24

Keepsake album (Residents of Japan only)

¥ 89,000

DVD [Digest movie] 3mins

You can add this package to the 'photo plan' and will help you remember the flow of the whole day. It will to be like a music video.(Approx. 3 minutes in duration)

¥ 48,000

Add one location 「Kabira Bay」

Of all the sightseeing spots on the island this is the one which is most frequently used in brochures and guide books to persuade tourists that Ishigaki truly offers paradise in Japan.

¥ 8,000

Add one location 「Art spot」

There is artwork on the walls. This is definitely a fun way to spend a few minutes. Just looking at all of the colorful graffiti.

¥ 8,000

Add one location 「Yaima Village」

Yaima Village features a number of about 100 year old houses which were removed from Ishigaki city and reconstructed.These allow visitors to step in and also great spots to experience Yaima culure as they hold some cultural activities.

¥ 13,000

Add one location 「Hirakubo Lighthouse」

This lighthouse which is around an hour's drive from the city center is one of Ishigaki's iconic sightseeing spots, having appeared in countless magazines and guide books.

¥ 13,000

Additional charge for weekend and holiday

For Saturday, Sunday, and National holiday there is an additional charge per booking.

¥ 22,000

Additional charge for peak season (April/October/November)

For April,October, and November there is an additional charge per booking.

¥ 25,000


Please gather at the salon.

Final confirmation of the schedule and costumes.
You choose and fitting a dress your right size, if you order the rental dresses.

The most popular beach in Ishigaki Island!

We transport you to the beach by car. A stunning beach, both sandy & shallow with a beatiful emerald green ocean!

We welcome expecting couples as well!

A female staff will help you with everything. Feel free to bring your own accessories!!

Schedule on the day Agenda until the day

  • 09:00

    01 A Confirmation meeting at the salon.

    (If you order makeup)
    (Please take a drive with car navigation system.)
    Final confirmation of the schedule and costumes.
    You choose and fitting a dress your right size, if you order the rental dresses.

  • 10:00

    02 Makeup (1.5hrs approx.)

    Please bring the sample picture of the style if possible.

  • 11:10

    03 B Confirmation meeting at the salon.

    (If you don’t order makeup)

  • 11:30

    04 Leaving for the beach by car

  • 12:10

    05 Arriving at the beach and Photo shooting (1hr approx.)

  • 13:15

    06 Shuttle back to the salon by car

  • 14:00

    07 Salon


Please bring the following suggested items, sunscreen, beach towel, personal beverages.(Bottled water is included with this plan)

Your CD will be shipped to your mailing address within 30-60 days approximately.

In case of inclement weather, please designate an alternate day.It can be rescheduled within one year of the original date. (No charge)
An alternative date will be made on the day of, please still come to the salon.
Cancellations without prior notice will incur cancellation fees.

If the trip is cancelled due to inclement weather (some conditions apply),it can be rescheduled within one year of the original date (no charge),or you may cancel without incurring any cancellation fees.

This is an example. We match it with a customer and make arrangements.
So that process is different by couples.

  • Step.01

    01 Please contact us by email for further information

    We have a questionnaire for wedding. Please tell me that you hoping for wedding photos.

  • Step.02

    02 Consultation by email or skype.

  • Step.03

    03 Determination of the Venue.

  • Step.04

    04 Submit the application.

  • Step.05

    05 Determination of the costumes

    choise.1 Bring your own
    choise.2 Rental dresses are available. Please let us know your size.You choose and fitting a dress your right size on the shooting day. *Sorry, out of service in Miyako Is.
  • Step.06

    06 Payment

  • Step.07

    07 Shooting Day

    We are all set for your wedding photos!!

Sukuji Beach

Sukuji beach is one of the finest beaches that represents Ishigaki island. This long curved beach is 1km in length. The sea is shallow for a good distance from the shore. Open Mar-Oct, it is a net-protected beach.


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Please make settings of personal computer · mobile phone in advance so that you can receive mail.


Wedding Dress 

Preferred Date

We are affiliated with some tour agencies. They will arrange your trip details if you need help.(Residents of Japan only)